Halo Top Will Give You Free Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream for the First Day of Fall

Published 09-05-2018

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As if you weren't counting down the days until fall already, beloved low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top has announced that its fan-favorite fall flavor pumpkin pie will be return to freezer sections nationwide. The sugar-shy treat that Time magazine named one of the "best inventions of 2017" will celebrate the first official fall day by offering Halo Top fans a free pint of their seasonal pumpkin pie ice cream, anywhere the low-cal ice cream is sold while supplies last.

Signs You're Obsessed With Fall

All you fall-fanatics have to do is print out the free coupon beginning midnight September 22 to redeem your pumpkin spice-infused flavor complete with pie crust pieces. The coupon can be used in retail stores nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger, and Target, but only on September 22, and it's limited to one per-customer. While Halo Top always positions its ice cream as "guilt-free" for your waistline, they're rarely so guilt-free in terms of your wallet.

"We're excited to bring back Pumpkin Pie for our fans, one of our most successful flavors from last fall," said Doug Bouton, president and COO of Halo Top Creamery in an emailed press release. "It's the perfect fall flavor, and now our fans can enjoy a free pint on us to welcome our favorite season of the year."

Looking to spice up your life (and your pantry) before September 22? This is every pumpkin spice product you can buy right now.

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