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Philadelphia often makes it to the top of the list for 20-somethings looking for an overpriced place in America's largest city. Local water points are not only places to see and be seen, but also places for friends, colleagues and visitors from outside who want to experience a Philly nightlife experience. There is a great sports bar where you can watch the crowds cheering, or a good bar for an evening with friends and family.

The most famous bar is Woody's, one of the longest gay bars in the city, with over 100 years of history behind it. Many locals find Woody's in Philadelphia's less gay days, but since it opened for business, it has offered everything from hip-hop to disco. The bar was named after the legendary Philly gangster Boo Boo, who opened the bar in the late 1920s. Today it is a well-frequented bar with top DJs and top DJs, as well as a wide selection of drinks and food.

Tuesday night, Dahlak's is also a destination in the West, and Philly karaoke fans who want to get loud go to the bar for a few hours.

Philly jumps at any time of day, but the dark scene is also pretty hot, and not just for the crowd at nightlife.

With many options ranging from ancient dives and secret speakeasies to posh rooftop bars that open late at 4am, the city has behaved itself. Whether you're a nightlife junkie or a casual night person, time drinker, Philadelphia has enough options to satisfy every taste, and that's just not true anymore. The best places to visit during the week would be the bars, restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, as well as some of the most popular spots on the East Coast.

Overall, the festival could be good for understanding Philadelphia's beer culture and also prove to be a great source of entertainment for locals and tourists. If you're even looking to sample some of Philly's most famous dishes, check out the Philly Food Tour or read on to take a look at the city's famous restaurants. Bebe The night you can catch a glimpse of the Old Town (or at least lose a little sleep for the next week) can be experienced at Grim's Philly Historical Tours, where you can opt for a night tour of Old Philadelphia's historic buildings and a visit to the Old Town.

Explore the hip-hop bars and clubs listed above and get ready for an exciting evening in Philly. To really introduce you to the Philadelphic nightclubs, go to clubs that refine your experience on your tour of Philadelphia.

This online magazine has a list of food trucks that you can find in town for special occasions. You can also find entertainment lists on the site as it is a great resource for all things entertainment in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art was founded nearly 150 years ago, but the magnificent Kimmel Center is the cultural heart of the city.

This place is a beer garden, but actually a conglomerate of five different theme bars. There's Philly Pretzel Factory all over town, and the Philly-style pretzels are pretty tasty.

The city is easily accessible on foot and it is not uncommon for a raucous pub tour to take place at the weekend. There are some neighbourhoods that have a high concentration of bars, restaurants and clubs, but there is something for us all. This neighborhood is just perfect for a lot of great food and drinks and a great nightlife. Look no further than the city's most popular bars and restaurants, such as this one or this bar in the South End.

But before we delve deeper into the nightlife and into the adult entertainment domain, we have some of Philadelphia's swanky bars that really impress with their fresh beers.

The Ruba Club is an after-hours bar that toasts you until 2 a.m. when you get a second wind right after the third shot of espresso martini. Now their terrace is open, and they plan to open their first brewery in Philadelphia in 2018.

One of the most popular times to explore Philadelphia is during the day, but the main attractions are best seen at night. While business amenities are good, it's a must to visit Philadelphia's Gayborhood before you visit.

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