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President Donald Trump has withdrawn plans to ally himself with lawyer Rudy Giuliani in the legal battle over the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York City. The Pennsylvania GOP said a Senate Majority Committee hearing on what Sen. Doug Mastriano called an "irregularity" would not take place, citing what he cited as evidence of irregularities that have already been dismissed by courts.

The release suggested that the hearing was part of an attempt to persuade the state's Republican-led legislature to appoint voters who would override the will of voters in a state that Trump had barely lost. The state's Republican leadership has so far rejected the idea of appointing voters who would overturn the will of the electorate.

The state's Republican lawmakers met with Trump at the White House last week and said they would follow the normal process for Michigan voters.

If you check in on Saturday, please ask the hotel reception if you can check out later. The Wyndham Hotel provides a meal at check-in, which is kindly provided to the synagogue for the Sabbath. If you sleep late or after noon, the cleaning staff will do a good job and they are friendly and polite, although you will need to track them down if you want to clean your room or need a supply of toilet paper to stock up. Click here at for more information or search the homepage at the top right of your hotel's website under "Hotels and Resorts" for "Shabbat and Yom Tov Time."

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Children of all ages are welcome in the playroom, where professional teachers offer games and learning activities during the Sabbath and morning services. If you require someone to observe your child during Friday night services and meals, please inform the synagogue in advance. will make no attempt to obscure the content of our website or any promotional content on our website and we will remove it. Any questions relating to our service should be referred to our customer service or accommodation service.

The Congregation of the Mikveh Israelas decorated the walls of the hotel with historical symbols, and its members are integrated. As someone who has been to our property before, I am happy to tell you about others, but I owe it directly to the community.

Dutch place is really great and there is also a super old local establishment called Campos, but the prices are crazy great deals. We are located in the heart of Philadelphia, just blocks from the Philadelphia Convention Center. I came here a few weeks ago for the first time in a long time and the price was crazy, a lot.

I am from Toronto, Canada and I came here with my partner and we stayed 5 nights at the Wyndham Hotel in the heart of Philadelphia, just a few blocks from the Philadelphia Convention Center.

The shower is on the old side, but it also does a good job when it squeaks while it runs and also has a curtain. The room is large and the countertops in the bathroom are all new, so the heat and cold work well. Most of the furniture is from the older side, but apart from the bed and dresser this is not really remarkable. There is no internet (not bad, not great) But there's a decent amount of in-room wifi and a few free Wi-Fi hotspots.

The reception was very unfriendly - courteous, even rude, and I asked if we had to drive all the way back to Ontario. They arranged an additional 15-minute break (12: 45) to keep me in line and explain the context several times in a row. In front of the hotel there was a talking robot and in the parking lot a group of other people.

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