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From the Freedom Bell to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, there's much to see during a visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly is bustling, and there are many free attractions to explore in the city before you leave Philadelphia.

If you have more time, you can also visit some of the 35 recommended tourist attractions in this article, such as the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History, Pennsylvania State Capitol and National Archives. You can also read our guide to the top tourist attractions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as a list of free attractions for each day of your trip.

At Independence Hall, visitors can explore Philadelphia's history, where the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were discussed and passed. There are other attractions we recommend, such as the Liberty Bell Center, where the original LibertyBell is located. The Philadelphia Museum of Natural History, Pennsylvania State Capitol and National Archives tell the story of freedom, equality and wealth.

Plan your route with this list of wheelchair-accessible attractions in Philadelphia and enjoy exploring the city where the American Republic was founded. Philadelphia offers free attractions that tell the story of the Revolutionary War, showcase works by famous artists, and give visitors the opportunity to experience the Philly lifestyle. Check out these places that tourists love, and some will miss - not miss - attractions to discover when you explore Philadelphia Pennsylvania with your family.

As you can see, almost every major place in the city is a park, and visiting these parks is one of the best things to do in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Philly also has a place called Magic Gardens and it's free, so visiting this park is another good thing you do and one of the good things you've done.

The entrance is not cheap, but it includes free entry to the park, free parking and free food and drinks. If you plan to visit other paid attractions in Philadelphia, we recommend the Philadelphia CityPASS, which offers a 48% saving on admission fees. You can visit all of these paid attractions in the city of Philadelphia for free if you purchase a ticket for $5.00 per person.

The hop-off bus is a great way to see all of Philadelphia's attractions during your stay, and is valid for 1-3 days. The experience also includes free parking, free food and drinks and free entry to the park. If you're interested in the Philadelphia CityPASS and other free Philadelphia attractions, don't hesitate to explore the city from above.

Read this article from Visit Philly to discover why Penn View is popular with hotels in historic Philadelphia. Click through the list below to find some of our favorite things to do in downtown Philadelphia! According to Visit Philadelphia, the top 10 restaurants in Philly for cheese steaks include Cheesesteak Bar & Grill, Bistro, Pizzeria D'Amico and Bolognese. Of course, the sandwich that put the city on the map is not to be missed: the Philly Cheese Steakhouse.

Philadelphia is known for its soft pretzels, and the best location for this delicacy is Philadelphia Pretzel Park, a summer-only park. Did you know that a number of piers along the Delaware River are being renovated to transform into a cooler area of Philadelphia?

The Magic Garden is a true creative space - of - one that must not be missed, and its later fame was found in the films. The area surrounding the hotel is teeming with historic Philadelphia attractions, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania State Museum and National Gallery of Pennsylvania.

If you're wondering what to do near the park, visit the Rodin Museum, which is managed by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It's certainly not a museum for everyone, but if you have a budget, visiting the museum is perhaps one of the best free activities in Philadelphia. With hundreds of animals and interactive attractions, this is a great place to see your favorite animals in their natural environment. If you were curious, it is one of the good things to do in Philadelphia, and if not, you can always visit it for free.

Take in this nonsense spectacle and experience the best Christmas entertainment in town, from Christmas tree lighting to the annual Christmas parade. Take these not-so-silly holiday spectacles and take all the good things about Christmas, such as Christmas trees, Christmas lights and the Christmas parade.

A step away from Sonesta in Philadelphia, you can see the five original open space parks that William Penn planned in his original plans for the city of Philadelphia.

Considered one of the largest museums in the country, the Philadelphia Museum of Art invites visitors from around the world to explore its famous collection and enriching programs. It has become the second most visited art museum in America and is located in a historic building at the corner of South Broad Street and North Market Street. The museum is a must-see in Philadelphia and has been open since it opened in 1884 as part of William Penn's original plans for the city of Philadelphia. One of our top attractions in Philadelphia is the Philadelphia Art Museum, a collection of more than 100,000 artworks from the past and present.

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